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tv   ABC7 News Weekly  ABC  September 5, 2010 12:05am-12:35am EDT

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it is shuttle buses, not trains that move this holiday weekend. >> it is definitely a lot quicker on the train. there are no random stops. >> the shuttle's aboveground make way for the largest tract rehab project in metro's history. >> it is inconvenient because you have to tack on at least 40 minutes to your commute time. >> the repairs, more than a year after the june 2009 redline crash that injured dozens and killed a few. >> it is a slight inconvenience, time was, but for the greater good, to make it safer for everyone. >> the plan includes new track switches, a new track, new tunnel lights, and thousands of lines of fiber-optic cables. >> if they need to do this to make it safer for everyone i do not see a problem with it. >> most writers are pleased with
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the repairs and free shuttles but were not prepared. >> i do not have other transportation. i do not have another option. >> some folks are ok with the arrangement. others are not. metro says that getting this work done over the holiday weekend saves a million dollars. they are hoping to be entirely done by very early tuesday morning. live from the montgomery county mobile newsroom, abc 7 news. to the d.c. mayor's race. the top candidates have less than two weeks to go before the democratic primary. mayor adrian campaigned with schools chancellor michelle reed. he has centered his bid on continuing his school reforms. his opponent attended community events in the city.
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he showed up in southeast to meet and greet residence. earlier, he campaigned in northeast. early voting expanded today. new polling places opened. more than 2000 people have already cast ballots. a controversial rowboat call is making the rounds. here is a simple. >> he is wretched, immoral, and does not deserve to represent us. let us get a decent human being to fight for our children, not kill them. >> i was in reference to a report that one council member paid for an abortion on behalf of one of his aides. he told our website the call is groundless and upsetting. both candidates denied having anything to do with the call. graham asked federal authorities to investigate. for more, go to our website,
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. girl is a post tropical storm. it made landfall in nova scotia, cutting power to homes and businesses. it could take two days to restore power. folks in massachusetts dodged a bullet. the storm caused minimal flooding and power outages. the governor has lifted the state of emergency. beaches that were closed are back open. for more on the remnants of earl, let us turn to steve ruding. >> early continues to spin at 65 miles per hour. look at where it is located on our storms can. right now across labrador and newfoundland. it is going to continue to spin and eventually will wear itself out. here is a look at temperatures close to home.
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65 in fare cap? -- 65 in fairfax. gaston, the next tropical storm, will continue to increase in intensity. will talk about that plus the forecast for the upcoming work and school week in a few minutes. there are new developments in the investigation of the gulf oil spill disaster. the blowout preventer to the service. there was a delay earlier today because of ice-like crystals which could have combusted. it is considered a key piece of evidence in the probe into the spill. the device had to nasa for examination. here in d.c., a big protest in front of the white house regarding offshore drilling. dozens gathered to speak out on what they call limited offshore drilling. the moratorium was issued after oil rig explosion. coming up, major changes on
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craislist. open for the weekend. why more than a dozen virginia with -- virginia locations are open to the holiday. you could pay more
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>> you are watching abc 7 news at 11, on your side. a massive cleanup is underway in new zealand after a powerful earthquake struck yesterday. the 7.1 quake hit near the southern city of christchurch. they are searching buildings to make sure no one is trapped. so far, no one has been found dead in the wreckage. rebuilding is expected to top $1 billion. it is not the welcome tony blair expected at a book signing in ireland today. protesters gathered outside a dublin bookstore where the former prime minister came to sign his new memoir. some in the crowd threw shoes and eggs at blair while others scuffled with police.
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four were arrested. blair was not injured. protesters are upset with blair for his support of the iraq war. craigslist removed its adult services section today. 17 state attorneys general had threatened to take >> list to court if they did not shut down the section. they argued the sight attracted as for prostitution and lead to crime such as human trafficking and murder. on this labor day weekend, president obama paid tribute to the american worker, recognizing many difficulties this and americans in a tough economy. the president singled out the middle class. >> this labor day we should recommit ourselves to our time- honored the use and to this fundamental truth. to heal our economy we need more than a help the stock market. when the bustling main streets and a growing, thriving middle class. >> next week, the president will unveil new proposals he says
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will jump-start the economy. republicans say the new ideas will hurt and not help, especially small businesses. some politicians are reaching for a drink. they want to raise taxes on alcohol. nearly 150 counties in maryland want to impose a dime a drink fee. this will generate more than $200 million for the state. the virginia governor is also considering a new tax on drinks sold in bars and restaurants. more than a dozen dmv locations are open this holiday weekend. workers in the commonwealth are trying to play catch-up due to a computer glitch. >> now serving 127. >> on this holiday weekend, virginia dmv is working overtime following a week-long computer problem. offices are added -- are adding hours to catch up on a backlog of drivers who need licenses or i.d. cards. >> we were aware of the problem with the computer.
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we showed up, waited in line, and were told to go home. >> it affected 74 different agencies, but the dmv had the long this problem. today, some stay open until 6:00 p.m., will pass the typical noon closing time. >> this is very unusual. >> it is not just saturday hours that are being extended. a lot of locations across the state are going to be open again tomorrow and on labor day. at 14 locations across the state, sunday hours will be from 1 to 5, and on labor day 8 to noon. the governor is calling for an independent review on the problems with the computer system. >> you want it to work. sometimes it happens. >> we expect that they would be reliable and the problems would be taken care of in short order. this seemed to drag on for an extended time. >> if drivers do not have time,
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there will be extended hours next weekend, both saturday and sunday. >> because of the computer glitch, more than 4000 people who had their pictures taken for their license have to go back and do it again. see if it gets better next time. we will have a full list of locations open at you know that sari the gate crasher war to a white house dinner? it is going up for auction. they expected to reach up to $3,000. the salahis say 8% will go to the clinton/bush haiti fund. the dress will be put on sale october 2. steve rudin joins us with the weather.
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i cannot see spending $3,000 on that dress. it is a sorry story. >> exactly. >> a happy day with the weather. our temperatures are going to reject our temperature is falling into the forties out in the mountains tonight. it is going to be even colder for tomorrow morning. that would be monday morning. this is our weatherbug network reston 69 degrees. winds gusting at 10 miles per hour earlier this evening. upper northwest is cooling down to 64 degrees. humidity not much of a factor. rehobeth beach 68 at this hour. it feels comfortable up side even though it is past midnight. 85 degrees was our high temperature on saturday. normally, we see a high of 83.
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the record was 95, set in 2008. temperatures across the mid atlantic are cooler. pittsburg at 67. ocean city 61. the core of the cold air across the great lakes in chicago and detroit. we will see cooler temperatures tomorrow night into monday morning, labor day morning. a big warmup by tuesday, wednesday, and thursday, with earl well to the north and east. high pressure has set across the mid-atlantic. it is not going to affect our area for the next couple of days. quiet in the mountains. the same for the beaches. we are going to look for mainly clear skies and sunshine tomorrow. warmer temperatures on the way. tomorrow around 80 degrees. that will increase. by tuesday and wednesday, are you ready for daytime highs around 90? it may be clear for the overnight.
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upper 40 on the mountains. middle 50 closer to downtown d.c.. tomorrow morning in nice warmup. the temperatures go into the '70s. by afternoon, highs will approach 80 degrees, below average for once. it will not be as breezy as it was on saturday, but still a relatively breezy day considering the last several days. 90 degrees on tuesday. 91 on wednesday. a cold front will bring cooler, drier air by thursday and friday. nighttime lows range from the '50s to the upper 60s. monday morning could be one of the coolest nights we have had since late may. >> i am so grateful. up next, it was quite a weekend for star wars fans.
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earlier this summer it was comic con. this weekend it is dragon con in atlanta. those attending the convention marched in a parade downtown. many were adorned in star wars and star trek customers. process from the event benefit the lupus foundation. somehow i am supposed to segue from star wars and star trek to -- some of that i understand and some of that i did not. >> i am learning because my son's love star wars. >> another twist in the pain is worth drama. the redskins showed some players the door as they shaved their
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the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. moving you forward. >> a good day for the washington redskins. they set their roster for the regular-season opener. the biggest name shown the door was that gentleman right there -- fast wille parker. they brought him in hoping he would have the experience to help the team. that did not work out.
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terrence will stick arm on the practice squad. players who fought their way onto the squad include deevon thomas. he was thought to be pushed out. he is on the squad. armstrong also made the team. some believe he will be the no. 3 receiver. brendan banks opened eyes with his speed. here are another couple of roster rooms. richard bartel is cut from the team. others are gone. rob jackson was placed on the practice cut -- practice squad. there was a trade to the colts. just when we thought the albert soap opera was
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over, his coach is not pleased with his play in the preseason game. the head coach is so upset he will likely limit his playing time in the opener against dallas. stay tuned. new day in charlottesville, with a new head coach. mike london in his first game. he is getting ready to coach. he knows how to move a pile. he moved it in comes out on the other end and runs. 70 yards. he tied the score at 7. the spiders have worn in the third. here he comes again. a successful debut. he beats his final team 34-14. a couple of local teams in action. howard loses two holocaust.
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georgetown get some wind power and win a 20-10 over shenandoah. nationals in pittsburgh last night hoping to get back on track against the pirates. rodriguez showing he can still hit with the best of them. that ball bounces off the wall. that brings in ryan zimmerman. mike morris will come around third, trying to the plate. they go on to win at 9-2. d.c. united taking on columbus. united's troubles continue. what was the goalie doing? what was he thinking? he completely misses the ball, rolls into the net. d.c. united 1-0. thus check in on tiger woods. after a horrible first round here he is today, on the 13th role -- the 13th hole. he sings it. a good day for tiger. he climbed back up the leader
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boards. he is still seven shots off the lead. the university of maryland has hired a new athletic director. he is kevin anderson. he comes from maryland army. he was positioned their 5.5 years. he this was announced at a news conference on tuesday at the university of maryland. >> we have all this going on with the teams and the new president. how will they do when the season comes up? >> we will see wednesday afternoon.
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she "friended" me. there's a whole album. [ laughs ] [ groans ] and started posting pictures. ♪ and tagging me. publicly. [ male announcer ] you ought to be rewarded for being dependable. the citi forward card gives you extra points for paying your bill on time and staying within your credit limit. nice tights. what's your story? the citi forward card can help you write it. always a great time of the year in washington, but this week is nice. >> we are lucky. we are looking at a beautiful day tomorrow. on saturday it was near 80 degrees. upper 80's on monday. back to 90 on tuesday and wednesday.
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a nice cool down thursday and friday. nighttime lows in the middle to upper 50s and lower 60s. the coolest night -- hopefully cooler air monday morning. >> that is it for tonight. we have our saturday news extra coming up, so stay tuned. sfx: ( birds chirping, toilet flushing) ♪
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